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Our mission.

The world is your oyster.

Accelerate your startup where innovation meets the ocean.

Our mission is to build a powerful enablement hub that generates and supports new businesses, startups or scale-ups to bring their maritime ideas on surface and to market.

We are OptimaX. Combining our maritime expertise along with the great pool of tech talents, we are presenting a seed-stage maritime accelerator dedicated to create an investor and entrepreneur maritime ecosystem within the Athenian shipping cluster and beyond.

Our areas of focus are, but not limited to:

  • Blockchain for cargo tracking

  • Smart Capacity Management Platforms

  • Circular ship recycling and waste management

  • Crew recruitment and allocation marketplace (onshore/offshore)

  • Port call/operations optimization

  • Big Data & Machine Learning innovations in maritime industry

  • Regulative environment applications

OptimaX and our EnsoXL accelerator program is backed by corporate partners, investors and mentors – all scouting for the right partners and venturing for new business!

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